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How to deal with Patch Rejection

When use the old good tool patch, rejections are commonly seen. AFAIK, the only way to handle it properly is manual fixing. However if you are not intimately familiar with the code base and if the difference is subtle, this approach can become frustratingly tedious. This post explores one experiment to try to get computer to help, i.e. scripts to identify the difference.

Posted at Jul 23, 2017 techpatchscript

Symbolic links on Windows

Symbolic link is a very convenient facility to organize your files. When using Bash on Windows, there are multiple options that simulate the native symlink as on Linux. This post records my experience with them and also some other useful tips.

Posted at Jul 16, 2017 techcygwinsymlink

Still Emacs, still Tufte

Quite long ago, I started to use Tufte style for my blog posts. The liquid tags used is from Immaculate. As with all plain-text formatting, these tags eventually get in the way. From Word-like WISIWIG to plain-text formats like the venerated Tex or much simpler ones Markdown or Org-mode, the key differences are whether the formatting tags are seen and how demanding the formatting requirement is. The formatting requirement of Tufte style is more demanding than conventional markdown documents and thus the tags feel more cluttering. As a weekend project, I hacked a markdown-tufte extension for Emacs. It help me cope with the sidenote/marginnote mess.

Posted at Jul 10, 2017 techmarkdowntufteemacswriting

Understand 'Just Enough' GObject For Code Reading

Without referring to GObject documentation or any online posts For the record, I can not claim I have never been exposed to GObject materials. The best I can say is that I haven’t systematically learnt GObject., understand just enough knowledge about GObject for the purpose of reading related code. The process is question-driven and code-inspired.

Posted at Oct 18, 2016 techgobjectcode-readingquestion-drivengnome

Code-Reading: The Racing Of Two Agents

From a bug due to a race condition between two polkit agents, this post explain the handling of the startup components and autostart apps within gnome-session.

Posted at Oct 17, 2016 techcode-readingsle

Writing habit and tools

As a follow up to my TODO review, I’ve rolled out the first draft of a writing habit, together with an over-enginered tool, habit, to enforce it.

Posted at Aug 30, 2016 techwritinghabittool

Try Out Bash on Unbuntu on Windows

Windows Subsystem for Linux is the new toy Microsoft brings to developers. Having played it for one day, I feel it’s still not good enough for daily use, but a possible alternative when necessary.

Posted at Aug 27, 2016 techwindowsbashubuntu

A learning guide for GNOME Shell bug fixing

A curated list of learning materials, references for GNOME Shell (bug-fixing) developers – very pragmatic.

Posted at Aug 11, 2016 techgnomebugfix

Revisiting TODO of this site

With a revamping done, it’s a good moment to reflect upon the old plan I had for this site and some ideas about it in the future.

Posted at Aug 6, 2016 techtodoadmin

Powershell Tips Notes

An ongoing accreted list of Powershell tips&tricks from multiple sources.

Posted at Mar 7, 2016 techpowershelltipsnotes

A Reflection on Content Management

Just some thoughts on “How do I manage files/content on computers?”.

Posted at Feb 29, 2016 techreflection

Adapt other than Configure

After many years of unscrutinized way of configuring – try to make things “the right way”, I’ve realized that in many cases adaption is better. It offers the most smooth entry into new fields, more productivity from the very start and it’s also pedagogically the best way to learn from others. Configuring still matters but only when it really matters. Stay focused, unscrutinized configuring is essentially premature optimization.

Posted at Feb 6, 2016 techmethodologyphilosophy

Installing SLED 12 with PXE using libvirt

Recently I get a task to fix a bug related to SLED in KVM. Since there is a local PXE server for easy installation, I've planned to install SLED in KVM through PXE. Here is the struggle I've been through.

Posted at Aug 26, 2015 techlibvirtsledbridgestp

TODO (old page before 201608)

DISCLAIM: This post is the old TODO page. Archived as a psot for reference.

We list some long-term TODO entries here. For now only entries related to this blog site are included.

Posted at Aug 3, 2015 techtodoadmin

Java Programming Language Specification

The last several weeks I've been skimming through James Gosling, Bill Joy, Guy Steel, Gilad Bracha, The JavaTM Language Specification - 3rd edition. An old book, but I happen to have a printed version around. So I guessed that reading through it would be helpful for me to understand language specification in general.

Posted at Jul 13, 2015 techjavaspecificationprog-lang

A workflow for bug fixing

As a developer in SUSE Desktop Department, most of my work are bug fixing. Desktop bugs are diversified in nature: you constantly need to handle bugs from an unknown package or some esoteric features. To comb with this reality, I’ve been pondering on the proper methodology.

Posted at Jul 10, 2015 techbug-fixworkflow

From Text to simple UML diagram - Tools

My review and survey on textual uml tools

Posted at Jun 11, 2015 techumldiagram

Copy & Change: be careful

The story about a file-roller bug

Posted at Apr 2, 2015 techlibarchivefile-rollercompilersparse

From Octopress to Jekyll

After 4 months' idleness, I've come back to my blog and decide to take another look at the blogging tools.

Posted at Apr 1, 2015 techjekylloctopressorg

Packaging and Several Concepts

The other day some of my colleagues were discussing about how to manage a package. From what I heard: SUSE decides to use kernel's bundled DRDB module instead of the version built out of DRDB's source tree, which is dropped in DRDB's new version anyway. The package for this new DRDB is called DRDB-user as it only contains the user-space part. The problem rises when a user of older version of SLE (SUSE Linux Enterprise) decides to update to this DRDB-user. DRDB-user is said to support some old versions, i.e. for these versions you can mix up kernel modules from old DRDB package with newer DRDB-user. The question is how to do the packaging? (I am totally ignorant about DRDB, so the details might not be exact but the important point here is packaging.)

Posted at Nov 26, 2014 techrpmpkgbuilddrdb

Arch for SUSE package development

I work across multiple computers: home PC, my own laptop, company PC and laptop. And I like to use Arch for my daily work everywhere. The problem is that Linux does a poor job to support new hardware, more so for less known brands. For example the sleep/hibernation on my AMD-laptop constantly breaks. So I've opted for a VM/Linux + Windows/Linux setup. My Arch runs inside the VirtualBox, and basically all I need is to sync the vm to have a consistent working environment EVERYWHERE! It took me about one month to adapt to this new layout, but it feels superb!

Posted at Nov 21, 2014 techarchlinuxsuserpm

Octopress Customization: easy blog source link

Most my posts here are programming-related and one of Org's killer features is embedding code (used in literate programming and etc.), I thought why not give the reader an easier way to access my post source. Chances are that they might be using Emacs and Org, then they can try the code directly without copying/pasting or the hassle to wade through my source repo ;).

Posted at Nov 20, 2014 techoctopressjekyllorg

Org-octopress: Links

In Org-Mode Octopress Setup V2, which I am still reading to complete my setup of Org with Octopress, the author mentions the problems with links in Org-mode Integration.

Posted at Nov 19, 2014 techorgemacsoctopressemacs-lisp

Hello and Self-Introduction

A "Hello World" blog. Later it would grow into Page "About".

Posted at Nov 19, 2014 techhello