DISCLAIM: This post is the old TODO page. Archived as a psot for reference.

We list some long-term TODO entries here. For now only entries related to this blog site are included.

Blog Roadmap

TODO Populate Wiki.

For quite a long time, we've built a Git repo (locally called ICWiki ;) that collects bits of knowledge for personal use. This task is about itemize it and put online under the Wiki page.

TODO Post-navigation sidebar

Other than the current site-wide navigation, an article-wide navigation would also be nice.

TODO Wiki Style Improvements [0/2]

  • TODO Sidebar Recent listing includes Wiki

    Further include posts from all collections.

  • TODO Alphabetical Listing

    Waiting for at least >50 entries to justify this task

    List Wiki entries alphabetically with each alphabet as a panel (would be a good use case for Bootstrap collapse panels).

TODO Philosophy Collection

I'm not a philosopher by trade, but a philosophical man (self-titled :P). Over the years, I have pondered on many different problems, aggregated some "interesting" ideas. I've been through the stages:

"delusion of knowing all" -> "disillusion and break-down" -> "rebuilding"

The years since the sophomore year in the college have not been good to me. Though being accused of thinking too much, I start to find out it's the opposite: I've known too little and I was too ignorant. And thus I need to collect my thoughts, trace the roots, systematize the scattered ideas and learn more.

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