A "Hello World" blog. Later it would grow into Page "About".

About Me (Philosophy matters)

I'm an tech enthusiast with a business-like perspective towards the world.

To me, there are only two things that matter: one that's interesting, the other that's profitable.

All the happiness and sadness arises from the fact: the only way to understand an objective world is through the subjective mind.

In the last but not the least, I am a programmer ;P

About me

I have a Linkedin profile, which says much about my education and career so far.

I am a Chinese and currently living in Beijing.

That's basically all.

About this blog

My interests are broad but this blog site would be a mostly programming-related one. Basically everything about my work, my hobby project and etc.

I'd like short blog and regular posting.

This blog also serves a wiki for me ;P and in sharing them, I hope it would be useful to others as well.

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