Recently I get a task to fix a bug related to SLED in KVM. Since there is a local PXE server for easy installation, I've planned to install SLED in KVM through PXE. Here is the struggle I've been through.

To get PXE installation work, I need to have a working bridge that will place VM in the subnet with PXE server.

With NetworkManager

NetworkManager is buggy. Despite the fact you can use a GUI to set up a bridge, you'll encounter various issues that make your life hard:

  • The status indicator in the dialog is incorrect

    A bridge is always on regardless.

  • Turning-off/Removal of an existing bridge is problematic.

    Turning off doesn't seem to work. Remove a bridge in the dialog and yet this bridge still exists.(verified using nmcli con list or btrctl show)

Possible solution

The following procedure can be used to create a useful bridge interface.

Refer to this article for detailed tips, basically:

  • Clean up existing profiles (as a safety measure).
  • Use the GUI only to create a bridge, set up slave interface and etc, but NOT for anything else.
  • Use nmcli to bring up the bridge.

    NOTE: up until 0.9.8, there is no feedback after nmcli con up <args> and even with some feedback in later versions, it's something like "command sent (DBus-activated successfully)". DBus remote call guarantees no timing, you need to wait for a little while for things to settle down.

  • Remove a bridge connection

    As mentioned above this part is buggy:

    • Remove the bridge connection in the NM GUI interface.

      Of course this does NOT really do anything, but if you don't do it the bridge will persists even after you have removed it with rest steps, which is just more confusing.

    • Bring the bridge interface down.

      Use ip link set bridge0 down, instead of ifdown, btrctl or nmcli con, all of which will be obstructed by NM. I think ip link works at kernel level directly.

    • Remove the bridge.

      btrctl delbr bridge0 should pull the trick.

The old good CLI approach.

systemctl disable network to turn off the NetworkManager. All standard procedures using btrctl should work.

Final tweak: STP.

The bridge interface created above will work normally, but might NOT with PXE. The problem here is with the STP: Spanning Tree Protocol (wikipedia).

It's a protocol to avoid Layer 2 switching loop, (another article with illustration) by creating a spanning tree in the network topology. In the algorithm, there is a blocking phase to listen on the coming/going packets to gather information before any packets are forwarded. This delay would result in a timeout error in PXE connection.

It's not recommended to disable STP, but instead set forward-delay to 0 as instructed in libvirt's FAQ about bridge. The NetworkManager approach creates bridges with 15 seconds delay as default, and the CLI would create bridges without STP.

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