Colors in Terminal

Basically, you need to use the following pattern for output string that need colors. For exact color code, see below:

printf("\x1b[%sm%s\x1b[0m", color_code, str-content);

Simple table

The colors in the table below should be useful in most terminals.

Black       0;30     Dark Gray     1;30
Blue        0;34     Light Blue    1;34
Green       0;32     Light Green   1;32
Cyan        0;36     Light Cyan    1;36
Red         0;31     Light Red     1;31
Purple      0;35     Light Purple  1;35
Brown       0;33     Yellow        1;33
Light Gray  0;37     White         1;37

and for background colors, the num is 40 to 47

A simple python script to show what's possible


def print_format_table():
    prints table of formatted text format options
    for style in xrange(8):
        for fg in xrange(30,38):
            s1 = ''
            for bg in xrange(40,48):
                format = ';'.join([str(style), str(fg), str(bg)])
                s1 += '\x1b[%sm %s \x1b[0m' % (format, format)
            print s1
        print '\n'



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