Reference files can be found at offline-repo-confs.


  1. define an offline repo location add it to the top of the source list deb file:///opt/ubuntu_offline_repo/ oneiric main restricted multiverse universe
  2. populate the above directory
    • the key here is to simulate the file system hierarchy of an ubuntu mirror
    • download files with 'initsetup.bat'
    • copy to corresponding directory in the local repo
    • apt-get update
  3. the local repo is ready to be used, searched and generate dependencies.

how to use

  1. copy files in inlinux to the local repo (or other places e.g. root)
  2. you can accumulate the package to install to a separate file. (find them through apt-cache search) the 'todo.txt' is and example
  3. run ./genlist.sh to generate aptlist (see ./genlist.sh to see usage)
  4. copy aptlist to pen disk to windows box with Internet
  5. run wget.exe -i apt_list to download
  6. copy all deb files downloaded to /var/cache/apt/archives/
  7. apt-get install <packages>

TODO openSUSE & Arch tips should be included.

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