Mount cifs

mount -t cifs // /mnt/smb -o user=icesnow,password=thisisyourpasswd

To mandate the uid and gid for the mounted samba files, use gid/uid and forcegid/forceuid options.

  • Example
    mount -t cifs // jenkins/ -o user="xiongchao%betheman" -o uid=xiongchao -o gid=xiongchao -o forceuid -o forcegid


DEPRECATED, use the cifs instead

  • authentication
    smbmount //项目/GA/Qualcomm /mnt/tmp -o user="xiongchao%tplink"
  • guest
    smbmount //lyd-pc/ubuntu /mnt/lyd/ -o guest

The Stream Nature of TCP

User protocol over TCP needs to deal with packet boundary itself The stream nature of TCP makes no guarantee towards whether a packet is splited or not.

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