The Absolute Minimum Unicode Knowledge

Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)

  • the very first article that get me understand Unicode and Charset's basics.


Software Architecture

event-based implicit invocation


  • a clear styled intro with software architecture context
  • an very simple article

Free&Open Source



  • short and simple web article (no deep insight)
  • interesting parts:
    • the pyramid structure of user space
    • comparisons with other famous open source project like Apache
    • plans and suggestions about the project's sustainability.

Windows 7

A bug in Windows 7 Samba share

refer to this smbmounterrorsinwin7.txt for patch.

Modern Working Environment

Cubicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

an article describe the most common modern working environment setup - cubicle.


Wiki and another good articles introducing AOP. I haven't read every word of these articles. Among them the most interesting parts are advices, which are very useful to extend Emacs.



peoplewarereading About how intelligence-intense work should be managed. Very enlightening.

TODO Finish reading

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