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From Octopress to Jekyll

After 4 months' idleness, I've come back to my blog and decide to take another look at the blogging tools.

Posted at Apr 1, 2015 techjekylloctopressorg

Octopress Customization: easy blog source link

Most my posts here are programming-related and one of Org's killer features is embedding code (used in literate programming and etc.), I thought why not give the reader an easier way to access my post source. Chances are that they might be using Emacs and Org, then they can try the code directly without copying/pasting or the hassle to wade through my source repo ;).

Posted at Nov 20, 2014 techoctopressjekyllorg

Org-octopress: Links

In Org-Mode Octopress Setup V2, which I am still reading to complete my setup of Org with Octopress, the author mentions the problems with links in Org-mode Integration.

Posted at Nov 19, 2014 techorgemacsoctopressemacs-lisp