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Still Emacs, still Tufte

Quite long ago, I started to use Tufte style for my blog posts. The liquid tags used is from Immaculate. As with all plain-text formatting, these tags eventually get in the way. From Word-like WISIWIG to plain-text formats like the venerated Tex or much simpler ones Markdown or Org-mode, the key differences are whether the formatting tags are seen and how demanding the formatting requirement is. The formatting requirement of Tufte style is more demanding than conventional markdown documents and thus the tags feel more cluttering. As a weekend project, I hacked a markdown-tufte extension for Emacs. It help me cope with the sidenote/marginnote mess.

Posted at Jul 10, 2017 techmarkdowntufteemacswriting

Org-octopress: Links

In Org-Mode Octopress Setup V2, which I am still reading to complete my setup of Org with Octopress, the author mentions the problems with links in Org-mode Integration.

Posted at Nov 19, 2014 techorgemacsoctopressemacs-lisp