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Packaging and Several Concepts

The other day some of my colleagues were discussing about how to manage a package. From what I heard: SUSE decides to use kernel's bundled DRDB module instead of the version built out of DRDB's source tree, which is dropped in DRDB's new version anyway. The package for this new DRDB is called DRDB-user as it only contains the user-space part. The problem rises when a user of older version of SLE (SUSE Linux Enterprise) decides to update to this DRDB-user. DRDB-user is said to support some old versions, i.e. for these versions you can mix up kernel modules from old DRDB package with newer DRDB-user. The question is how to do the packaging? (I am totally ignorant about DRDB, so the details might not be exact but the important point here is packaging.)

Posted at Nov 26, 2014 techrpmpkgbuilddrdb